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Love, Loneliness, and the “Monday Girl”

June 12, June 5, December 11, November 28, Down on terra firma, the experience was magnified. When she runs into Harper, she wants it to seem like fate, rather than the act of a desperate woman so much in love she would humiliate herself this way…. Despite living in a city of crowded sidewalks and never-ending traffic, Shelby still feels alone.

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  5. Shelby sounds so pleasant. Not the bitch that she really is. Coincidentally, William is one of Cecile's students. Cecile reads Thoreau's book Walden , passed secretly to her by William, and is inspired to join the counter-revolution.

    The Monday Girl

    Meanwhile, Jack drives to the beach where his wife apparently drowned. He overdoses on pills and vodka, but loses consciousness before he can shoot himself.

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    William finds him, thinks him dead, and takes the pistol to continue his counter-revolutionary activities. When Jack regains consciousness he finds the girl from the planet Monday named after its discoverer, Vincent Monday, explains Jack in voice-over arising from the water.

    He secretes her at home and teaches her how to fit into human society.

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    The girl calls herself "Nobody;" she has arrived to retrieve an earlier "immigrant" from her planet. Several coincidences and adventures later, including a threesome between Jack, Cecile, and Nobody, a police raid on a dress boutique, and Nobody prostituting herself to Cecile's high school principal to get Cecile released from jail, Nobody is convinced her mission is a failure and she decides to go home.

    Jack, it turns out, is also an "immigrant" from that planet, and has tried and failed to go home.

    They proceed to the ocean, where the girl walks into the water and disappears. Jack says he doesn't know if she made it or not. Stephen Holden, writing for The New York Times , opines that "Like so many science fiction fantasies, Hal Hartley's new film begins with a clever satirical premise, then stumbles all over itself trying to tell a coherent, original story.