Manual Getting Started With Twitter Marketing

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Simply click the Skip this step link. Twitter will also give you a chance to see if some of your friends are on Twitter by checking your online address book. It worked flawlessly. However, if you get stuck, forget this step. You can add your friends later. Tweak your settings. Make sure you are on your Twitter home page.

Click on the Settings link. You should be on the Account tab. Set the time zone. Personally, if you check this, it will seriously limit the fun. Make whatever other changes you want.

Getting started

Click the Save button. Now click on the Profile tab. Upload your picture. This is important. Many Twitter users including me will not follow users without photos, because it is a tell-tale sign of a spammer.

Twitter Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Remember that the maximum upload size of your photo is k, so you may have to re-size your image to meet this requirement. Enter the rest of your information, including your location, website or blog if any , and a brief bio. This, too, is important to keep you from getting flagged as a possible spammer. Your bio can either be serious or fun, but it must be brief—no more than characters.

Note that you can also connect your Twitter account to Facebook on this page. This will post all your Tweets directly to Facebook. You can always change the setting later. When you are finished, click the Save button. Setup your phone. Twitter is much more fun if you connect it to your cell phone.

By doing so, you can receive updates from those you are following or just some of them as well as send your own updates.

How to Use Twitter for Business: 2018 Tips for TweetDeck

Again, under the Settings link, click on the Mobile tab. Enter your mobile phone number and click on the Start button. Now take your cell phone and text message the code Twitter gives you to the number will be different if you are outside the U. Be patient. Eventually, Twitter will confirm to you that your device is registered. If you are using an iPhone, Twitter is built into the operating system at least if you are using iOS 5 and up. You can set it up by opening the Preferences app, scrolling down the screen, and touching the Twitter section.

This will give you the ability to post updates to Twitter from within many iPhone applications, including the Photo app. Now every time you want to send a Twitter update, you will send it to this contact name. Follow family and friends.

You can type in a username or first and last name. When you do, you will get a list of users who match your search criteria. You can also do a more advanced search e. Regardless, you will be able to see everyone you follow on your Twitter home page. Learn the basic commands. Think of Twitter as a room full of people, all sitting in a circle. When you update your status, you are speaking to the whole group. Everyone can hear what you have to say.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter for Business Success in 12222

Everyone who is following Spence and me will see the message, but I am specifically directing it to Spence. Those who are not following both of us will not see the message. This will give them the opportunity to follow that person, too. Direct Messages. They can hear you, but no one else can.

You are directing the message to them and only them. For example: d lnobles Can you bring my Business Review notebook down to the cafeteria conference room? Twitter direct messages have largely replaced simple text messaging for me and many people I know. Hash tags. You are probably familiar with tagging photos with a short piece of text. Twitter has this capability, too.

What Makes Twitter Different

The symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. If you click on a hash tag, it will show you all the other tweets associated with a hashtag. I have attended many conferences where an official hashtag was announced.

This enables everyone at the conference to track what everyone is saying about the conference.

Cat was the hashtag for the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta in the fall of Other Commands. You can add people you want to follow from your cell phone. You can find answers to almost every other Twitter question in the Twitter Help Center.

4 Steps and 20 Tips for Successful Twitter Marketing

Start tweeting. So now you are all setup. You can do this from your Twitter home page or from your cell phone. The main thing you need to know is that the message can be no longer than characters long. If you use the Web page, the entry field will automatically count your characters. I rarely go over the limit. Your message will just be truncated.

How often should you Twitter? Twitter smartphone app : You can record a video directly within the Twitter app by tapping the video icon after opening the screen to compose a tweet.

Listen to this article:

Hold down the recording icon, and record as many clips as you want until you reach the time limit of seconds. Canva : Canva free is a web-based image editor that comes with plenty of formats, templates, fonts, and design elements like icons to help you create an attractive image.

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As with any area of marketing, you can learn a lot by testing various methods and monitoring results to see which ones bring you the best results. The longer you've been active on Twitter, the better you can leverage audience analysis tools. These tools can help you learn about the times your audience is active on Twitter, the actions they take, their interests, their demographic breakdown, and more.

You can then use these insights to plan and optimize your future content plan for Twitter. Twitter Analytics : On Twitter's native insights platform , you can access your monthly snapshots of analytics tweets, impressions, profile visits, mentions, and new followers , individual tweet performance, audience overview interests, buying styles, gender, income ranges , as well as trending events. Followerwonk : The Analyze feature of Followerwonk free adds another layer to your audience profiling. Enter your Twitter handle, select Analyze their followers , and then click Do it.

In this report, focus on Mapped locations, Most active hours, and Bio word cloud to learn the best times to tweet and the topics your audience is most interested in. Audiense : Audiense Connect free is a customer insight and engagement platform.

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One of its most useful features is the ability to analyze your individual followers and filter them by influence, number of followers, account age, and more. You can use this to deepen connections with influencers and amplify your reach on Twitter. SparkScore : SparkScore free is extremely useful to take your research from Audiense and learn more about the engagement rates of the accounts you found—as well as accounts similar to it—so you can expand your network.

Once you've collected the data from the above tools, you can take the following actions to build these insights into your Twitter marketing strategy:. Make a list of all the topics you can tweet about and educate your audience on. For example, a Followerwonk word cloud report might show that a lot of your audience is made up of executives, so you may want to create more content targeted at that group.