e-book Cody the Allergic Cow: A Childrens Story of Milk Allergies

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I also liked the tips for teachers and kids. This is an adorable story. A little boy has to go to the doctor to get tested for allergies and afterward he and a friend go to the zoo.

Getting a diagnosis

The zoo trip turns into a scavenger hunt of sorts for dander, fur and other allergy triggers. Malcolm Gladwell's Favorite Books. Books for an Adventurous Childhood. Great Reads for Culinary Kids. Raymond Chandler's L. Favorite Reissues of Neglected Books.

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Books by Food allergies should not be kept a secret or whispered about. Here are some ideas on how to introduce food allergies to a child in a fun and playful way:. My toddler loves puzzles and sorting games, so I created a game for us to play together that could help him learn which foods are safe for him to eat.

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When I hold up a card, I ask him to name the food and place the card into one of the categories. Some foods are obvious, like bananas, apples, cheese and fish. On days where he needs more movement to keep his attention I add an activity layer to the game. For example, every time he gets the answer right, he earns the right to throw a green, red or yellow ball or pom pom into the bin like basketball or zoom a green, red or yellow car down a ramp.

Food Allergies in Kids: More Common Than We Thought?

The possibilities are endless. A friend of mine role plays restaurant scenes with her child. Music is great way to teach your child about anything, because it is entertaining and repetitive.